Love Triumphs Psalm 33:4,5

Love Triumphs Psalm 33:4,5

Psalm 33:4 “For the word of the LORD is right and true;”

[Praise you, Lord God, that your Word is flawlessly correct, fully trustable, totally right and true. Praise you for speaking it, preserving it, presenting it to us so we can read it, study it and memorize it, learning to think your thoughts.]

“he is faithful in all he does.”

[Faithfulness is your character! You tie yourself to your qualities, never straying outside the boundaries you have set: you are always good, always wise, always helpful, always present, always protecting, always powerful, always patient. You are faithful to the end: completely, entirely, purely, perfectly faithful. Therefore, you are the One to be trusted.]

Psalm 33:5 “The LORD loves righteousness and justice;”

[Your love, O Lord, is so comprehensive and wide, encompassing all that is good. Praise you that you are passionate about righteousness and do only what is correct and pure and good. Thank you that you love justice and will always judge sin, never condone evil. So, there is hope for a positive future, for an end to evil and for a Heaven where there is only goodness.

“the earth is full of his unfailing love.”

[Praise you, Lord, that in your great love you are merciful. If you interacted with us only on the basis of righteousness and justice, we would be blown away in a moment, sent into an eternity separated far from you and all that you are.

But in you, Righteousness and Justice are accompanied by Love. Mercy triumphs over Justice because you are Love itself, providing a way for forgiveness, even though it cost you greatly, and continues to bring you pain and suffering as unbelievers reject you and we believers often choose to live in rebellion and unbelief.

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