God is faithful in His love

God is faithful in His love

Psalm 145:13b  The LORD is faithful to all his promises

[You have given us many promises and with each one you have limited yourself to working within those parameters: providing salvation, giving your Spirit to believers, being our Shepherd, protecting us from evil, giving wisdom, going before us and bringing history to a conclusion. You will not–and in your character cannot–fail in your promises. You are faithful, unchanging, perfect and eternal.]

and loving toward all he has made.

[Your love is broad, wide, deep and full, flowing from you to all your creation. You are loving because you are love itself; this is not a quality, it is your essence, so you can never not love, you cannot choose to not love—it is not a possibility!

In your great love you do good to all, you work to bring the rebellious to their senses, you guide, direct and protect. You are persistent, powerful and permanent in your love. In you we can trust, rest, relax, rejoice and live in rich peace, for you have promised to watch over us today, to guide us through the maze of events, the stream of challenges and the torrent of temptations from the world, the flesh and the devil Praise be to you for your wonderful and powerful love in our lives.]