You are Worthy of Submission

You are Worthy of Submission

I praise you, Lord, for your goodness, your grace and your kindness that are consistently at work whether I see them or not. To you I bow, to you I surrender, to you I give my desires and praise you for what you will do. It is wonderful to trust you, to love you, to thank you in all that you allow, in all that you have done.

I praise you for what is going to come today, for how your good, wise, powerful and loving heart will rule over each event, each happening, each interruption.

You are the great and gracious One who knows what is best, who is giving me opportunity to fulfill the purpose of my life by offering the sacrifice of thanksgiving at each juncture, who is inviting me to join you in your great and important plan for today. So I submit myself willingly, joyfully, whole-heartedly to you and ask that you will help me to keep on the armor, to respond with thanksgiving to each thing, to rest in you, to trust you in all.

I am so glad that you are my Heavenly Father, deeply interested in my life, intimately involved in all and operating out of wisdom, love and grace—meaning you give me the opposite of what I deserve.

What I deserve is condemnation, despair, punishment, depression, hopelessness, fear, failure, death and eternal separation from you. But you have given me forgiveness, hope, pardon, joy, a living hope, security, success, eternal life and the certainty of eternity with you. You are the source of all good, joy, peace, grace and love. To know you, to walk with you, to be your child–these are privileges beyond comprehension.

I thank you, Lord, for what you have done, for what you will do and for how I can trust you implicitly, completely, whole-heartedly and continually. To you be honor, glory, praise and exaltation in my life today.