God is Magnificent!

God is Magnificent!

Updater: after a very good day yesterday, Barbara was not feeling well today, but still is able to walk on herf own and perform basic tasks. I am pleased. Thank you all for your prayers.d


Taken from Edified:  The importance of obeying this command came home to me as I realized I’d become “mechanical” in my quiet time; then this verse came to my attention: “seek my face…” (2 Chr. 7:14).

We do this as we daily spend time with Him, our Bridegroom, nurturing our first love for Him, gazing upon His loveliness, focusing on His beauty rather than on four busyness. Following is an example of focusing on Him.

“I will tell of all your wonders” (Ps. 9:1b). Great and many are your wonders, O Lord, beginning with your character:

You are Love, Light and Life.

In you there is Purity, Perfection, and Power.

You are filled with Greatness, Grace and Goodness.

You are Immortal, Invisible and Invincible.

In you alone are Righteousness, Riches and Rightness.

You are Mighty, Magnificent and Marvelous.

You are Holiness, wholeness and wholesomeness.

You are merciful in Justice, munificent in giving, multifaceted in character.

You are the good God, our gracious Lord, and great Sovereign.

You are without beginning, without end and without time.

You are the One and only God who has won every battle.

You are a wonder, you are worthy, you are to be worshiped,

Glory be to you both now and forever!

Help us, Lord, to seek your face every day!


This magnificent sun rise embodies the beauty of our God!