Rock of Refuge

Rock of Refuge

Update on Barbara. We are settled  back in from the hospital. Barbara did well the first day, but then seemed to worsen. Her blood pressure was high and the visiting nurses made some adjustments that seem to help. We are hoping for more improvement in her balance and walking. And tonight she walked some unassisted!

Tonight’s post:

A third gift God bestows when we give thanks, is the privilege of being a powerful witness to those around us.

Our unnatural, supernatural response to trouble puts us up on the stage of grace where we can do the dance of faith in front of all those around us.

As we trust God, we bring a focus on God’s good character in a way that words alone could never do.

Thus God gives us opportunity to join Him in the spread of the gospel by walking in faith, in opening people’s eyes to spiritual truth, and in drawing them to Himself. Are we consistently joining Him by offering the sacrifice of thanksgiving, trusting Him as our rock of refuge?

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