God the Great Vindicator Psalm 43 part 1

God the Great Vindicator Psalm 43 part 1

Psalm 43:1

“Vindicate me, O God,” [You are the One who can bring out the proper conclusion from the corrupt system of this world, from unjust accusations, from corruption, from evil rulers, for you direct the hearts of men.

Your command is “commit your way to the Lord, trust also in Him and He shall bring it to pass. He will bring forth your righteousness as the light and your justice as the noon day sun.” (Psalm 37:5,6)  We look to you go  vindicate us, O Lord God. You are Elohim, the incredibly powerful and eternally faithful One whom we can trust.]

and plead my cause against an ungodly nation;” [And so you did for me. At the time I was put on trial for illegally sharing my faith, the judge said to me “We don’t care whether you are the one who mailed these brochures in or not; if it is illegal to do this, you will go to jail; if it proves legal, you will go free.” I was left with you only as my defender, Lord, and you were more than adequate.]

rescue me from deceitful and wicked men.” [Then when the judge said that he’d send this case to a specialist for evaluation, and named the law professor who would give the opinion, I knew that you had rescued me from the wicked who lie. This professor was my friend, one who would give a correct answer, setting me free! He would do this, not because we were friends, but because he would follow the law.

You are the One, Lord, who rises above the squabbles of men and can bring the proper conclusion to each situation. Not every instance of persecution will turn out like mine. It may be that you will allow your child to hounded, to go to jail, or to be executed, as Bonhoeffer was, but in that outcome you and he will triumph in your grace as you take him home, or sustain him through the suffering of injustice. You, Lord God, are the One who knows what is best and we can trust you for it.]

Glory be to you, Lord God, the High and Holy Triune One who lives outside of time, who intervenes in history to guide, protect, vindicate and rescue those who put their hope in you, who fear you, not men or suffering or death.

Praise you, Lord Jesus, that you are Reality, that you are Truth, that you are the great Shepherd leading us through valleys of darkness and suffering out again into the sun of your salvation. Praise you that we can trust you in the midst of difficulty and grief, in uncertainty and suspense, in sickness and exhaustion. You, Lord God, are the One who will carry us through as we trust in you. May praise and glory be yours today in all we do and say. Amen.