God's Character Revealed in the Beauty of Fall

God's Character Revealed in the Beauty of Fall

From my morning worship journal

October 31, 2015, Saturday, the last day of October. As I step outside on the porch, the moon shines brightly in the west, Mars, Venus and Jupiter form a clear triangle in the east and the Big Dipper points unfailingly to the North Star. The horizon is touched with the fingers of dawn, a golden line against the black of night. A frost lies on the grass; I can’t see it yet, but feel it in the crispness of the morning darkness.

Thank you, Lord, for your greatness, revealed in the glory of this morning. I praise you for your beautiful, pristine character. Like this dawn of darkness and light, brightness of stars and promise of the day, your attributes are perfectly balanced. In you there are both justice and mercy, judgment and love, hatred for sin and love for sinners. You are fully sovereign while bestowing the gift of responsibility on your creatures.

I praise you for your rich display of your being in your Word, showing us that you are eternal, without beginning or end; you are wise and joyful, powerful and kind, mighty and loving, and majestic while paying attention to minute detail. You are all knowing while forgiving and choosing to forget sin. You are wonderful beyond conception, and for that I am glad—for that proves you are God, completely separate and outside your creation—no human being could ever think up a Creator like you!

This fall season’s display of beauty also reminds me of your character, Lord. The trees are clothed in brilliant colors and fiery glory. Some have three colors at once–red, yellow and green—reminding me both of your triuneness and of your love for variety. This is echoed in maples of bright yellow standing next to pines of soft green and oaks of crisp brown. Everywhere there is diversity, a contrast and compliment of colors. This is truly a reflection of your character, where the diversity doesn’t divide but produces a richer beauty, a deeper grace and a more astounding complexity within a powerful unity.

You, Lord God, are the ultimate in every aspect: beauty and wisdom with power, along with judgment and love. I praise you, Lord God for how wonderful you are, worthy of our worship, deserving of our adoration, meriting our obedience.

May we dwell today in the light of your beauty, in the grace of your unified diversity and in awe of your monumental and majestic greatness. To you be honor and glory in all.