God’s Gracious Patience

God’s Gracious Patience

Praise be to you, Lord God, for your kind and consistent, detailed and direct involvement in our lives. I exalt you, Lord, for how you are so persistent in pouring pardon into our lives, giving us the opposite of what we deserve.

Thank you for your patience with us as we zigzag along, bouncing between arrogant rebellion and abject self-pity. We are so prone to spiritual amnesia! We so quickly forget the most basic spiritual truths:

–that we deserve only condemnation and rejection, but you constantly give us forgiveness and acceptance;

–that we can do nothing without you, but can do all with you;

–that you are our Shepherd so we will not lack anything necessary;

–that we can offer the sacrifice of thanksgiving in all things instead of complaining;

–that we can keep on your full armor and effectively fight the devil rather than targeting people.

But in spite of our forgetfulness, you do not give up on us, Lord Jesus. You are gracefully, lovingly consistent in correcting, reminding, protecting and, when necessary, rebuking us. Help us to remember, to rest in, to respond to your loving provision, every day, all days.

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