Honoring God

Honoring God

Some thoughts for Thanksgiving.

What is the purpose of our life?

To glorify God, to honor Him.

And how do we do that?

By Faith (without faith we cannot please God).

Practically speaking what does that mean?

Psalm 50:23 “He who offers the sacrifice of thanksgiving…”that is,  giving thanks for what we don’t like,

“Honors me…” There it is, giving thanks when we’d rather complain gives great honor to God,

For this kind of thanksgiving is purely by faith,

trusting God that He has a plan which includes this point I don’t like.

But, because we know His character (Wise, Loving, Gracious, All-knowing and Almighty, to name a few)

we can offer thanks to Him in any circumstance.

“and opens the way that I may show Him the salvation of the Lord!”

We give God honor, He gives us help, in everyday things as well as eternity.

So, Thanksgiving is a good time to give thanks, both

For all the good things in our lives

And for the things we prefer not to have, but came with God’s purpose.

These are practices we are called to continue all through the year. So,, “Just make up your mind and do it!”

“I will bless the Lord at all time, His praise shall be continually in my mouth, my soul shall make her boast in Him….” Psalm 34:1-2

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