Jesus, the Rock of our Lives

Jesus, the Rock of our Lives

Praise be to you, Lord Jesus, for your faithfulness in the face of my failures. You are ever the same, your love never wavers, your commitment to us is sure, firm and final–you are ever present in our lives.

I praise you for all that you have done and all that you will do, for all that comes to us flows from the goodness of your grace, the wisdom of your will, the mercy of your emotions, the purity of your plan and the power of your purpose.

Because you are gloriously good, powerfully pure, majestically merciful, persistently patient, eternally effective and lavishly loving, we can rest in the crook of your arm, in the shelter of your heart, in the embrace of your goodness, in the security of your greatness and in the joy of your unending presence.

In every circumstance you are there, giving us guidance, grace, power, patience, wisdom and endurance. To live with you is wonderful, for from you flows meaning and purpose, hope and a future, freedom and faith. We can walk in the light of your wisdom, proceed in the light of your knowledge, rest in the light of your love and sleep in the light of your presence.

Because of your goodness, we can give up the futile pursuit of fleeting happiness, dependent on circumstances, and choose instead to live in the truth that knowing you is enough for joy: when you, the Creator of the universe, the Breather of the stars, the Spinner of the earth, the Beginner and Ender of time are at our side, what else do we need? You, Lord Jesus, are enough.