Living in the Light of Perfection

Living in the Light of Perfection

Praise be to you for your great and good heart, O Triune God, King of Glory, Lord of the universe, Ruler of all creation. As you are the absolute Authority, the final Word, the Judge of all, the Despot of destiny, it is wonderful to know that you are love itself.

This means you are never cruel, unjust, quixotic, selfish, sinful or mistaken. All you do flows from your character of love, light and life. You desire good for your creation, you shine light on the way, you desire life for all.

You are the One who, in the midst of the suffering of life in a fallen world, brings order, meaning, direction and grace. You are order itself, you are the Giver of purpose, provision and power so we can live for what is positive. You are good and ready to forgive, plenteous in mercy to all who call upon you (Psa. 86:5).

As we enter another day, another opportunity to live in your love, to walk in your light, to taste more of true life, help us to look away from the distractions of the world, to reject the whining of our soul and the whispers of the devil.

Help us to think Truth, to revel in your love, to rejoice in your goodness, to respond to your kindness and to relate to your unconditional acceptance.

May we, being made holy in Christ, live that way, independent of this world, of evil and selfishness. May we be dependent on you and your abundant grace, your expansive goodness and your great love. May we live for you, in you, with you, by you. May you be thereby glorified, honored, exalted and revealed before all around us. Amen.