Meditation Transformation

Meditation Transformation

I praise you, Lord God, for the way you are using Scripture to transform me, bringing change in my thinking, my will, my emotions, my responses, my values and my motives.

To memorize your Word and meditate on it is powerful. It is pouring your perspective down into my soul, into secret areas where it brings cleansing, transformation and a greater grasp of your glory.

It also brings a wider picture of your power, purposes and plans, which results in a greater trust of you. And this leads me to praise you all the time, knowing that you have a plan to use each event for good, especially those that humanly speaking are distressing, unwanted and uncomfortable.

It is clear that this trust and the resulting praise are the way to trigger the flow of your patience in my life. When I see the big picture of you having absolute control over where the events of the world are going, that you are molding them to fit your overall plans, that whatever comes to me comes with your permission and purpose, then I can reject my natural impatience, take up Truth and patiently move through each event, trusting you to work it out.

This is the outcome of drawing my security from you, Lord, you who are my rock, my fortress, my deliverer, my shield, my strength and my stronghold. (Psalm 18:1,2). In you I can rest, sure that you will shield my head in the battles of today, that in you is all I need and that my soul can find complete contentment in you, for from you alone comes my hope (Ps. 62:5).