More on Psalm 103

More on Psalm 103

More from Psalm 103

“The LORD is compassionate and gracious…” (Ps. 103:8a).

You are full of rich love, caring for your creatures with deep, overflowing, unending compassion. You are deeply concerned for each one and each situation.

You watch, observe, protect, guide and reveal yourself to each one, calling them all to drink of your grace.

You are the ever-giving, ever-sharing, ever-generous, ever-kind and ever-helping God.

You provide air, sunshine, food, water, relationships, beauty, protection, guidance and wisdom. You generously pour out on us your goodness every day.

When we awake, you are there, while we sleep you watch over us. Your unending supply of all that is good never fails, you are graciousness itself and we exalt you for that.

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