More Western Wisdom

More Western Wisdom

As Cody stepped from the door, followed by John with his rifle and Amanda with her shotgun, they saw a tight group of riders gathered in the yard, eleven in all.
“Hi Dodge,” said Cody. “Haven’t seen you for a while.”
“Well, Cody Smith, what are you doing here?” Dodge pushed his hat up and moved his hand back over his pistol butt.
“Just stopped by for some coffee. Would you like some?”
“No, can’t say I do. Don’t eat with sod busters. We’re just coming back from checking on our cattle over beyond the river. Wanted to make sure this sod buster got our message loud and clear.”
“Sure did,” said John.
Cody spoke up, “Now, Dodge, what’s your motive for threatening this good man and his family? As you can see, he’s put a lot of work into setting up his outfit here.”
“You know perfectly well, Cody. He’s on my land, taking over one of the springs I use to water my cattle. He’s in the way and I want him out! I don’t want any more like him coming in!”
“How many acres do you use for your cattle? And how many watering places are there?”
“I don’t know about acres, but the range is at least fifty miles square. There are at least twenty watering holes in that.”
“And how did you come to have the right to use this wide and long land?”
“Why, I was here first; there was no one within a hundred miles. I fought off the Indians who tried to chase me out. I won the right to this land with blood, sweat and tears, and no one is going to take it from me!”
“Interesting,” Cody drawled. “Hadn’t heard that you staked claim to any land out here.”
“You know what I mean,” snapped Dodge, “My herds have grazed this land for twenty years, it’s mine and this man has no right to any of it!”
Cody turned to John, “What makes you think that you have a right to settle here?” he asked.
“Why? Well, I registered my deed for this spot with the land office at Fort Wayne. I have the papers to prove it. I followed the legal steps to have this land put in my own name, including the spring.”
“What do you think about that, Dodge?” Cody asked.
“That’s a lie, there is no such thing as claiming land like that!”
Cody smiled, “You obviously haven’t kept up with the law. This here’s now the state of Oklahoma and the state has made new laws.”
“I’m the law out here! What I say goes!” Dodge was obviously getting impatient, as were his men. He wheeled his horse and rode away, his men following.

“He looks like a bad storm coming our way. I’m sure he’ll be back and ready to enforce his threats,” said Cody, “but we may be able to resolve this standoff if we continue to

follow Heavenly Wisdom.”

Picture:the  approaching storm over John’s farm (from the internet)

May be an image of cloud and nature