Nearing End

Nearing End

Nearing the Autobio end

It was so good to arrive back in Connecticut from Germany and settle into our little house by the water. We could sit in our living room, look out the big windows and enjoy the ever-changing view of our pond.

The quietness, the rich green, the sunny days all began the healing process for Barbara. It took more than a year for her to see improvement in her immune system and physical strength, but she was able to get back to gardening, walking and enjoying her good friends here.

The first year was one of visiting all our supporting churches to report on the events of the last five years, so we did quite a bit of traveling. Then, at the end of 2012 Barbara officially retired and was very glad not to have to write any more monthly reports and do any official traveling.

Although I continue on with Christar, my role has changed. I gave over my area directorship to one of my disciples. Shortly afterwards he was asked to become the International Director of Christar, and passed on the area directorship to another of my disciples.

My new role is being a Life Coach to anyone in Christar who wants input on anything. And I will do that for anyone else, too. Sometimes people are assigned to me for counseling, which is a bit more challenging. Most of this work is done with Skype over the internet, so in any one week, I may visit several areas of the world via my computer.

Along with this I continue to teach in various training sessions for Christar, travelling to Texas, Michigan and overseas.  The Lord also brings invitations to speak in various churches, and I continue to write, working on several books and lessons at the same time.

Living on the family homestead (my boys are the sixth generation of our family to live here) adds another dimension, that of physical labor, which I enjoy very much. There is never any lack of things to do, with numerous old buildings that need upkeep after thirty years of neglect. It’s great to get my hands dirty and my muscles toned up with such work.

What the future holds, the Lord knows. I suspect more of the same as people come for advice, teaching and input. My first book, EQUIPPED!  continues to change lives and bring opportunities to speak and counsel. I suspect the other books will do the same.

So, as I look back over the last 68 years, remembering the many and wonderful things God has done in my life, two emotions stand out.

First is the wonder at why God invited me to join Him in His plans; I didn’t deserve it, wasn’t equipped or trained for it, but that’s the essence of the gospel. God calls His enemies to become His children and then His partners in ministry! And so He did with me; and so He desires to do with all who will answer His invitation to become children of God.

The second emotion is thankfulness. I am thankful for how He set me free and for how He protected and used me and my little family over the years to bring a bit more honor to His name. What a privilege to be an instrument in His hands.

Now with a few more years left to live for Him here, eternity stretches out before me: an endless time to serve Jesus, to know Him more and more, to revel in His love and rejoice in His goodness.  May you join us there, too: Jesus stands with the door open to all who will come.

Our “tribe” of four grandchildren in 2012     The view out our window