New Birth

New Birth

Today was quite an eventful day for us. We had a yard sale and spent from 9 to 4 working on that, with much success, selling the majority of what we had for sale.r

But the much greater thing is what happened after the yard sale. We have a new homeless man, D, staying temporarily in our tower. He has a tumultuous and terrible background, “raised” by a mother on drugs and alcohol, he ran away from home at 14, lived on the streets or crashed at friends’ homes. He got into drugs and alcohol, too. Married at 40, having waited for the right spouse, his turned  out to be a nightmare for him.

A month ago he was preparing to commit suicide when his dog (pitbull) jumped in his lap, licking his face and wouldn’t get down. That brought him to his senses. Since life at home was unbearable he left and is staying in our tower. He has been in great turmoil with his wife hounding him with texts; yesterday she threw all his clothes out onto the lawn and he had to go collect them before the big thunderstorm last night.

He came to me early this evening in tears. He said he almost did himself in last night, but had a desire to talk with his mother and called her. She, it turns out, has come to the Lord (!!), has had a total change in her life, has been drug  and alcohol free for five years. He said he was amazed.  He has been struggling with unbelief and I’ve been praying that God would show Himself to D—and this was it!

We had a long talk and in the end he prayed to accept Jesus as his Lord. There was an immediate change, his despair evaporated, he smiled and he asked me to disciple him, “Show me how to go forward,” he asked. Rarely have I been the “midwife” in a spiritual birth, but the Lord gave me the joy of delivering a new brother for the Kingdom.

Please pray with me for D that he will move forward in his new faith, be able to shake the chains that have held him so long and stand against the attacks of the devil. Thank you


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