Our Loving Tiger King

Our Loving Tiger King

Psalm 22:3 “Yet you are enthroned as the Holy One;”

[David here reminds himself–and you, Lord–of who you are, the Perfect Presider, the Supreme Shepherd, the Righteous Ruler, the Glorious Guide, the Ever-faithful Father. The first thing we should do when we feel far from you, is to remember who you are–our great and good God.]

“you are the praise of Israel,” and of us!

[As we look over history and see how you faithfully protected, provided for and guided the Israelites through the centuries, it is so clear that you, in your unwavering love and care, are worthy of the praise of Israel.

And you are also worthy of our praise for your power and presence in our lives, for your goodness and grace, your faithfulness and fatherhood, your holiness and help, your greatness and glory.

In the light of this, we must praise you, O Lord God, for your complete knowledge, your deep wisdom, your mighty work, your powerful faithfulness, your persistent love and your unending goodness.

Today, whether I sense it or not, I can know that I am with you, that you love me, that you will guide me in the way I should go. I therefore surrender to you and praise you now for what you will do. May you be honored in my life this day as the Holy One, enthroned on high.]

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