Effective: Learning to Lead Yourself Well: 7 Qualties That Make You Effective and How to Cultivate Them

There’s lots of literature on leading others, but it all starts with leading yourself. This book will help you lead yourself well spiritually, intellectually, volitionally, emotionally, financially and socially using 2 Peter 1:5-7 as a template. The outcome will be equipped to lead effectively others one-on-one,in small groups and organizationally.   This book is published… Read more »

Equipped! 12 Empowering Truths and How To Use Them

Help for those who want to live wholeheartedly for Jesus. Spiritual warfare is an every day reality for followers of the Lord Jesus. It is “situation normal” for Christians. This warfare is the ongoing struggle between Satan’s kingdom of oppression and Jesus’ Kingdom of Light. Satan is a defeated foe, much less powerful than God,… Read more »

Pass-It-On Parenting Cover

Pass-It-On Parenting: 6 Powerful Principles to Help Your Child Embrace Your Faith

Practical help as to how to raise children who follow the Christian faith. It is based on practices the author himself used with his sons.   This book is published by Createspace and available on

Befähigt: Schritte zu einem Leben voller Freude

Lebenshilfe für Menschen die mit ganzem Herzen Jesus Christus nachfolgen wollen.   Dieses Buch begleitet Dave aus dem Trott eines langweiligen und eintönigen Christsein hin zu eim erfüllten Leben mit Jesus Christus unter dem Motto: “Wer Jesus kennt, hat immer Grund sich zu freuen!” und “Ausgerüstet für den täglichen geistlichen Kampf.” Dieses Buch führt den… Read more »