Psalm 1:3

Psalm 1:3

Psa 1:3 “He is like a tree planted by streams of water,”

[Planted, put down in one spot and kept there—it seems this is the result of a cooperation between you, Lord, and the person—as he obeys and delights and meditates, he is planted in the right spot. And not by just one stream, but streams of water, plenty of water to put his roots down in, draw sustenance from and grow strong in.

This is your good desire for us, that our roots go down into your Word, which brings deepening, growth, maturing, strengthening. There is no end to the insights, understanding, wisdom and guidance you give us from your Word. Your desires are good!]

“which yields its fruit in season”

[There will be order and positive results. When it’s time to bear fruit, you will bring it. And it could be said that whatever fruit we need to bear at the moment, you will supply, whether it be the fruit of the Spirit, or the fruit of praise, or the fruit of good works, or the fruit of those who come to Christ. Praise you, Lord, for you make us fruitful as we abide in you, for, as you said in John 15, without you we can do nothing. May we abide in you and your words abide in us so that we might bear much fruit.]