Psalm 17:15

Psalm 17:15

Psalm 17:15 “And I—in righteousness I will see your face;”

[Praise you, Lord Jesus, that you have given me your righteousness and opened the way so that I will see you in eternity, face to face. What a wonder, what a hope, what a high and wide security to face the future knowing where we are going. And what joy to see more and more of you here on earth in your Word, in your Works, and in your Wisdom.]
“when I awake, I will be satisfied with seeing your likeness.”

[When I awake each morning, you are there, Lord Jesus, watching over me, having a prepared day with all that is needed: grace, wisdom, insight, discernment, challenges and opportunities.

Seeing you now, knowing now you is enough for joy—what an understatement! Seeing you through your word and works, veiled and dim as it is, is overwhelming, stupendous, enormous, majestic, transforming, marvelous and far more than enough.

When I awake from death you will be there, too. But how much more stupendous it will be when I awake in your full presence, seeing you without the veil of sin and selfishness. It will be indescribable.

I praise you for the daily revelations you give now from your Word and through your Spirit, as you remind of us truths taught and lessons learned so we can apply them again.

You are a marvel, a joy, a wonder, a glory. I praise you for the deep, rich, powerful and glorious privilege of being yours, of being with you, being in you.

As one who knows you so, may I be a hope carrier, a perspective bringer, and faith supplier to those around me as I pass through life. May the wonder of your love flow into and through me to those I meet today, giving you glory and honor and bringing further surrender and obedience in us all.]