Psalm 22:25

Psalm 22:25

Psalm 22:25  “From you comes the theme of my praise in the great assembly;
before those who fear you will I fulfill my vows.”

[You are the praiseworthy One, O Lord, the One to be obeyed, the ultimate in Leadership, the true and only God.

I thank you, my great Shepherd, for the privilege and wonder of memorizing and meditating on your Word, so I can go over it as I lay in bed, soaking in the richness of truth, the beauty of your mind, the power of your perspective. You are great and gracious; I thank you for your wonderful love and care, for your guidance and direction.

I praise you for your marvelous Character: pristine, pure, perfect, powerful, prolific, the paragon of all goodness. You are worthy of worship no matter what my circumstances. You are the God of goodness, great in glory and the Giver of grace.

May you rule in my life today, may I walk in response to the leading of your Spirit as He uses the Word in me, may you be exalted by my motives, responses and obedience, may your name be lifted up before all those around.]