Totally Trustable

Totally Trustable

A clear and sunny day with early morning fog rising off the pond. Praise be to you, Lord God, Creator of all the beauty before us, beauty which shows us your great heart of love. You share all the reflected glory of your Being through the vast variety of flowers and trees, colors and scents, creatures and shapes, landscapes and seas.

Your mind has no limit, your wisdom has no boundary, your knowledge has no border, your greatness has no end. On the other hand, I praise you that you do have limits in the right places: no sin, no evil, no selfishness, no lying, no double-mindedness, no hypocrisy, no failure, no faithlessness. In you there is only goodness, only purity, only holiness.

I praise you that you also limit yourself by making promises: you give your Word and you always keep it. You make your vows, you fulfill them. All other possibilities are set aside and you bind yourself to your vow, always following through. The choosing of Jesus to be the Savior of the world was made before creation, and you brought this to pass at the right time. I give you praise and honor and glory for this marvelous Truth of your faithfulness, for this wonderful reality of your being.

I praise you, too, for your unending presence; you are everywhere at the same time, while in another way you are especially near those who seek you, whose hearts are open to you. You are near the brokenhearted. You are near the repentant. You are near those righteous in Christ. You are near the obedient. You are at work in the elect.

I give you glory, Lord God, for how we can trust you with all our hearts because you are faithful with all your heart. Wherever I go, whatever I do, you are always watching, protecting, guiding, keeping, equipping, teaching, revealing, convicting, blocking, loving. You are worthy of praise and glory, of adoration and obedience.

You are the great One, the wise One, the loving One, the holy One, the pure One, the faithful One, the true One, the eternal One.

To you I bow down today, to you I give my heart, my mind, my soul, my body, my time, my possessions, my money, my relationships, my future, my desires, my projects, my health, my strength, my will, my all. I am your son, your steward, your servant, your subject. Praise you for what you will do in me and through me today to bring greater glory to your Name.