Psalm 3:4-5

Psalm 3:4-5

Psalm 3:4 “To the LORD I cry aloud, and he answers me from his holy hill.”

[Note that this does not say, “answered,” but “answers,” meaning all the time. You are the listening, watching and active God, all-present, all-seeing, all-knowing. In your faithfulness you are always there, you always answer as you see fit, in your time–as you always know what is best.

When trouble comes, you give the grace to go through it. In fleeing here from his traitorous son, Absalom, David arrived at his place of safety to find that you, Lord, had arranged true friends to came and supply his needs of food, drink and shelter (2 Sam. 17:27-29). It was there that he wrote this Psalm.

During his forced march out of Jerusalem, David was tired, discouraged and then cursed by one of his enemies. It didn’t look like much help was being given, but you were there, Lord, at work, preparing everything, doing what was right.

So I can have confidence that you will answer in the issues before me, in the dark night of Barbara’s depression, in the great physical weakness I’m experiencing, in the uncertainties of our future. I can make a long list of negatives, and in the process praise you for what you are doing and will do to help and protect me in each one.


[I must consistently think about those truths of your faithfulness, power and goodness, Lord, choosing to trust in you no matter what.]

Psalm 3:5 “I lie down and sleep; I wake again, because the LORD sustains me.”

[David did just that, even though he knew he would be pursued, he slept and awoke refreshed because you, O Lord, protected and kept him safe in the night.

So it is with us, as you surround us like a wall, you hold back the enemy, you give us rest and keep us safe. I praise you, Lord, and thank you for your goodness and faithfulness. You surely are worthy of our worship and obedience.]