Psalm 5:6-7

Psalm 5:6-7

Psa 5:6 ‘You destroy those who tell lies;’

[to lie is to reject truth, to reject you, Lord; it is to rely on self, it is to take the short-term, easy way out.  To lie is to be the opposite of God, who cannot lie, it is impossible for you, Lord, to go against what you are: Truth itself! What a wonder to know that your truthfulness is not superficial, but permeates your whole being; it is part of your essence, your essentialness, your heart.  You will eliminate evil by destroying what is the opposite of you in character.  And lies automatically destroy those who use them, leading them away from reality into a web of delusion and insanity where the devil keeps them captive. You shine your Truth on them to show them the way, but they run from the light and die in the clutches of darkness and deception.]

“bloodthirsty and deceitful men the LORD abhors.”

[This is far more than just disliking—you are repulsed, you are repelled by murderous men who lightly take the lives of others, who live in deceit, using, hurting others for their own personal benefit. Today’s human traffickers come to mind; they are modern slave traders, living off the brief lives of others they have essentially condemned to death.  ISIS is a more urgent example: men who seem to enjoy killing and try to deceive others into thinking this is good. Past examples include the regimes of despots such as Kholmeini, Saddam Huseyin, the leaders of Sudan and Egypt, China and Russia.  In such leaders and their brutal followers there is no stability, no goodness, no redeeming factors. They are the opposite of what you are, Lord, and you abhor them.]

Psa 5:7 “But I, by your great mercy, will come into your house;”

[Before you called us into your family, each of us was one of the abhorred: mired in evil and deception. We all had the potential to be blatantly what these blood thirsty and deceitful men were, we just didn’t have the opportunity to act it out.

I praise you that you abhorred what we were in our natural state, but at the same time loved us, redeemed and transformed us by your great mercy.  We do not deserve to come into your house, but you have pardoned, transformed and wholeheartedly adopted us into your family where we will live in security and significance for eternity! An unbelievably wonderful and great turning of the tables, an incredible reality, far beyond what any human being could imagine or create.  You are a wonder, O Lord of love, God of goodness, King of kindness!

“in reverence will I bow down toward your holy temple.”

[What other response could there be than bowing before you, in awe, in fear, in adoration, in thankfulness, in joy, in peace, in submission, in belief, in willing, wholehearted, obedience.  You are worthy of our total surrender and complete obedience.  You are God, you are Great, you are Good, and I bow before you.  May you be glorified in my life today in each decision, each word, each thought, each response, for you are entirely worthy of this honor and much more!]