Psalm 7:11

Psalm 7:11

 Psalm 7:11 “God is a righteous judge,”

[You are absolutely right in your decisions, Lord God, you are able to judge completely correctly, and you are absolutely sure to do so wisely and at the right time.

As you did not draw back from crushing your own Son in your righteous wrath to redeem your enemies, so you will not hesitate to judge sin to the fullest in the future, at the exactly right time, with truth and righteousness, wisdom and impartiality.]

“…a God who expresses his wrath every day.”

[Praise you that you move in your wrath consistently, constantly, even now! Today you will move against the evil in the world, holding it back, judging evil-doers, allowing them to suffer the natural outcome of rebellion against you. They will be blown down like the shallow-rooted tree in the picture below because they refuse to take shelter in you.

You also will continue convicting us of our sin, seeking repentance in our hearts and moving us inexorably towards the judgment day where you will remove all evil, locking it up in the lake of fire.

And, as followers of Jesus, having entered the shelter of your forgiveness, we know that every day you protect us from evil, including our own, while on judgment day we will be declared righteous in Christ, forgiven and cleansed. In this we can rest, praise and obey. And in that rest we have the privilege and responsibility to call others to enter this shelter.

To you, Lord of All, King of Glory, Shepherd of sinners, God of Grace, Judge of evil, and Ruler of Righteousness, to you we come, to you we bow, to you we give glory. Before you we want to be open, transparent, humbled, whole-hearted and committed to obedience.

I give you glory now with all my mind, soul and strength. Today may you be the Ruler of my heart, the King of my thoughts, the Lord of my actions each moment. May you be exalted, praised and honored in my life every day.]


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