Purpose in Life

Purpose in Life

“…delight yourself also in the Lord….” Psalm 37:4

I want to delight in you, Lord Jesus–you who were on earth simultaneously while being both entirely God and entirely man—both finite and fully infinite.

You were the Creator and the carpenter.

You were the star breather, and the table maker.

You were the galaxy former and the sawdust sweeper.

You were the history maker and the box builder.

You were the one who set up kings and took down tools from your carpenter’s rack.

You were the pivotal person in all history and you were the sharpener of chisels.

You were the owner of all the universe and lived on the gifts of others.

You are unfathomably amazing, wonderfully awe inspiring, fully beyond comprehension. To delight in you is to approach the essence of life, the meaning of existence, the light of eternity. Help us to delight in you every day, all day, fulfilling the purpose of our lives.

Picture: Phantom Galaxy, 13 million light years from earth

May be an image of outer space