This morning I woke up realizing that I was both worrying and complaining. OHHH! Thank you, Holy Spirit, for pointing this out so I could repent. What you brought to  mind are a series of God sightings, some recent, some in the last two years.

This week as I was preparing to do a repair job on some asphalt, a man came walking by and asked me what I was doing. I explained the project to him and he said, “I can do that for you for this much.” Wow, that was less than the supplies I needed for the project and I didn’t have to spend all that time doing it, plus this man was a professional and said he would do more that I’d planned! God sent him at the perfect time.

Then there was the fact I was concerned about my income but the Lord reminded me that He recently had a church, out of the blue,  send me a large amount—the pastor said they’d forgotten to send support for the last several months. It came just  in time to pay a bill.

Then recently another church gave a gift of just the amount I lost in the eviction process.

Just as God said to the Israelites “Remember!” and often did remind them of all He had done for them, so it is important that we remember what He has done for us, especially faced with a new challenge. As He helped me in the past, so He will help me now.

So instead of complaining and being a glory stealer, the Spirit turned me to offering the sacrifice of thanksgiving so I can honor God and open the way so He can show me His salvation. (Ps. 50:23)

Picture: Remember what God has done.


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