Love Reaching Out

Love Reaching Out

Psalm 22:27 “All the ends of the earth will remember and turn to the LORD,”

[You, Lord, are at work in all the world, among all peoples, bringing from every group those who respond to your call. Praise you for revealing yourself through your creation, which speaks to us every day of your presence and power, as well as through your Word and the work of your Spirit.

Praise you for your love for every single person, for providing salvation for all, for convicting each of sin, of righteousness and the judgment to come. You do this so that they might seek truth, think truth and decide to escape the condemnation of sin by taking refuge in the forgiveness you offer. You are good and merciful, gracious and kind.

You are love itself, working selflessly in every selfish person, breaking through the barriers we build against you.

You are reaching down into our lives to bring transformation, deepening, maturity and power to live in your light. Help us to cooperate in all this work you are doing, so I may be a useful instrument in your hand, today and everyday.

May be an image of twilight, horizon and lake