Sovereign God, Loving Father

Sovereign God, Loving Father

Psalm 22:28 “and all the families of the nations will bow down before him, for dominion belongs to the LORD and he rules over the nations.”


[You, Lord God, are the Sovereign One who reigns and rules;

you have control,

you use all for good,

you make your major plans come to pass

while still giving us moral and ethical responsibility in our own spheres of responsibility.

And in the end, all will come, every human being, and bow before you,

whether willingly in belief,

or grudgingly at the judgment seat.


Praise you, Lord God, for the wonder of knowing you and bowing before you now, the King of All, the Lord of Lords, the Ruler of the universe.


Help me to live today in the light of your greatness,

standing in awe of you,

of your love,

of your Word,

of your commands.


May this result in fearing and obeying you instead of raising my thoughts or those of others above your Word. I do  not know better than you.


You are worthy of my full conformity,

my total surrender,

my wholehearted obedience,

so I bow before you now,

that I might bring you great honor today

That I may be fruitful as this bush.


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