Rise up and Stand

Rise up and Stand

Psalm 20:8 “Some trust in chariots and some in horses…[but] They are brought to their knees and fall,”

[Horses die, chariots shatter, people pass, strength subsides, and every person in the world at some time comes to the end of his or her rope where there is no further hope. Human help is limited, fickle and untrustable.]

“but we rise up and stand firm.”

Why can we rise up and stand firm? Because  in you, Lord Jesus, strength endures forever: your love is everlasting and your grace goes on through all eternity. You never waver, change or forsake us. When we come to the end of our rope, we can switch to your infinite and eternal rope, crying out to you, surrendering to you, trusting in you.

In you and in your power we will be able to advance against a troop, to scale a wall, to fight the battle, for we are shielded by your goodness (Ps. 18:29). We will always be able to stand firm in you, if we have on the full armor of God.

Help us to live in the tower of your Name and protection, rejecting Satan’s attempts to get us down on the ground where he can defeat us. In you we are safe!]

Here is a picture of a woman and her husband who was abusive to her. She came to the end of her rope and sought help from my friend Imtiaz. He went and talked with the husband and gave him a copy of the book Equipped. When Imtiaz visted them a while later, the man was transformed, having become a positive, supportive husband. He, too had switched from his rope to God’s. In his own words he described his transformation thusly.

  • After listening to this  book, EQUIPPED and God’s Word
  • Ø I started to be happy
  • Ø The fight in my house is over
  • Ø People started respecting me
  • Ø Sickness left my house
  • Ø I grew stronger in God
  • Ø I learned to forgive
  • Ø I strengthened my children in the Lord
  • Ø I felt the presence of God in my life
  • Ø I came to know the Word of God
  • Today I am living a happy life with my family.
  •  I am thankful for this book which transformed my life. I intend to work with distinction for the glory of God’s name

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