Psalm 20:9 “O LORD, save the king!”

[Praise you that you saved king David in every battle—there is no report of him being wounded in the dozens if not hundreds of battles he fought. And you saved him in every difficulty—in the struggles with King Saul, with the Philistines, with his son Absalom, with Abner, with intrigue and betrayal, you carried him through. And then through his line brought us our Savior!]

“Answer us when we call!”

[Every day we pray, and every day you answer in your faithfulness, although we may not see it at the moment.

You are my Rock in whom I can take refuge (Ps. 18:2);

you are my high tower in whom I can hide;

you are my hope in whom I can rest (Ps. 62:5).

For this I give you praise and honor and glory, Lord. I give you exaltation, worship and thanksgiving. In your faithfulness you are worthy of all surrender, all obedience, all submission.

So I bow before you now, the Mighty Creator, the Powerful Sustainer, my Strong Defender. I rise up into this day so that, by your power, I can obey you in praise, in patience, in trust, in thought, word and deed. Glorify yourself in my life today, O Lord God. Amen.]

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