Strong, Enduring Love

Strong, Enduring Love

Psalm 18 is one of my favorite psalms, for it reveals the rich and deep relationship David had with his Lord. His God who sustained him in the midst of the problems, pressures and the ever present dangers of his life. David is a good example to us, as he takes everything to God and lives in the Lord’s strength, power and protection, not trying to make it on his own.

“For the director of music. Of David the servant of the LORD. He sang to the LORD the words of this song when the LORD delivered him from the hand of all his enemies and from the hand of Saul.”

[And we all know how Saul repeatedly sought to kill David and how God protected him from Saul’s anger.]

Psalm 18:1 “I love you, O LORD, my strength.”

[You, Lord, are the intimate and ultimate God, whose deep love for us calls forth an echo of affection from our hearts. To love you is a great privilege, a wonderful freedom, a deep grace, bringing us out from our natural negative notions into the light of your marvelous presence, your mighty power and majestic wisdom. There your love overflows onto us, washing through us, bringing us cleansing, renewing and joy.

You, Jesus, declared in John 15:9, “As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you. Now remain in my love.”

This is an amazing statement: Jesus offers us the great, eternal, all powerful love that the Father has for Him: whole-hearted, enthusiastic, unending, joyful, grace-filled, kind and warm love. So, as Jesus is secure in His relationship with the Father, we can be secure in our relationship with Jesus.

And His love calls forth the desire to love Him back, to remain in His love by obeying him in all that we know to be right. We can know how much we love him by how much we obey him!

As God holds Jesus, so He holds us

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