The Great Adventure

The Great Adventure

You are the God who forgives, cleanses, adopts, equips and invites us into significant roles in your great plan.You will right wrong, infuse good, eliminate evil and bring a re-created universe into eternity with you. Wow!

Are we who have believed in you, going to refuse to join you in this great plan? Are we going to continue on in our self-centered, activity-based, feel good focus, taking for granted all you’ve done and given? Or are we going to embrace all you have for us, making you the center of our lives, our being, our day, our activities? A no-brainer if we are looking at reality.

And that’s the key: you have given us full reality, as far as we can comprehend it, from your revelation in the Word. We need to eagerly let go of our natural worldview and leap wholeheartedly into your biblical worldview where you are Sovereign, Powerful, Good and Loving; where everything is right side up: loving our enemies, forgiving as we have been forgiven, returning good for evil, giving thanks in all things.

You are inviting us into the adventure of living for you, in you, by you and with you in bringing history to a conclusion and sweeping as many as possible into an eternity with you, our marvelous and mighty God. To refuse such proffered purpose, meaning, honor and significance is the deepest form of insanity (being detached from reality). To surrender is the highest form of worship.

The choice is ours to begin now, surrendering our understanding to you, being filled with your Spirit, learning to think your thoughts, to live in your values and run in your paths of Truth, as laid out in your Word.

Lead us on to deeper and deeper surrender, Lord, thinking your thoughts, pursuing your purposes, living in your light, so that we may be more and more useful for you, continually bringing you greater and wider honor.

May be an image of flower and nature