The Great Invitation

The Great Invitation

Praise you, my Heavenly Father, King of Glory, Creator of the universe, the Beginner and Ender of time. When you created all the physical universe, Satan was there, as were all the angels, fallen and faithful both.

What was there before all we know was created? We don’t know, but certainly there was a place where you dwelt, Lord, where you and all the spiritual beings you had created earlier existed.

You are much bigger, much more powerful and far greater than even the vast and deep spaces of the known universe indicate. It is, of course, impossible for our tiny human reasoning to grasp your dimensions, to understand what eternity entails, what it means to have existed forever, without being created, without change or growth because you are already perfect, living forever and ever.

Such thoughts are mind-warpingly beyond our comprehension, they are certainly magnificent and stunning—and comforting.

They are comforting because you, our Heavenly Father, in spite of your greatness and glory, in spite of your having no need for us, came to our insignificant Milky Way galaxy, crossing it’s 50,000-light-year radius to approach a tiny speck of dust tucked under one arm of our huge galactic spiral, and there, at great cost to yourself, proceeded to redeem the rebellious and repulsive population of sinners.

What reason could you possibly have had for this? There is no attractiveness, no usefulness, no positiveness about us–sinful and selfish as we are– to entice you into such a sacrifice. This is utterly illogical to our minds.

Yet, you, the Mighty and Majestic One, who has created all we can see and far more, stooped to gather into your embrace all the rebels who will come. You forgive, cleanse, adopt, equip and invite us into significant roles in your great plan to right wrong, infuse good, eliminate evil and bring a re-created universe into eternity with you.

Wow! What an undeserved privilege. Guide us, Lord, in joining you in your great plans that you may be honored above all.

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