Praise be to You

O Triune One:

Creator of the Sun

Spinner of the earth

Bringer of the dawn.


We glorify Your name

O Holy One,

Sparkling in purity,

Sharing light with every heart,

Shining Truth into every life.


We honor You,

O Mighty One,

Towering far above all creation,

Powerful in every good work,

Filling the universe with Your presence.


We exalt You,

O Good One,

Raining grace upon all,

Planting seeds of good desire,

Watering our souls with love.


We lift up Your name,

O Heavenly One,

Father, Son and Holy Spirit

Worthy of all honor,

all worship, all glory.


We extol You

O Majestic One,

High and lifted up,

Wrapped in light,

Ruling for Eternity.


We worship You,

The only One deserving full





To You

It is right we bow down in worship,

In You

It is right we rise up to obedience

For You

It is right we praise forever and ever. Amen.