Today we have high worship: giving God honor for who He is without thinking much on how that benefits me.


You are our marvelous Master, our good God, faithful Father, loving Lord, and supreme Shepherd. You are far better than any god we could make up: in our flawed thinking, anything we could produce would also be faulty, like the Greeks’ human-like sinful gods.

Thankfully you are completely different, far beyond any human conception: perfect and eternal, wise and good. You are light, love and life yourself. Your essence is totally other than that of your creation—both uncorrupted and incorruptible–and for that we are thankful.

Praise be to you forever and ever. Your faithfulness is the reason we can praise you before anything comes to pass, for you are fully sovereign, completely good and totally powerful, easily able to allow or prevent whatever you desire. It is a certainty that you will bring to us what is right and best.

Praise you for our weakness in the events before us now, and for the strength you will use for good in our lives. We give you glory, honor and praise now for what you will do today, tomorrow, next year and forever. You are Lord, you are God, you are worthy. Amen.

May be an image of flower