Christ's Beautiful Character

Christ's Beautiful Character

I praise you, Lord Jesus, for your beautiful and magnificent character. You are the perfect blend of every quality: love and justice, goodness and righteousness, power and tenderness, forgiveness and wrath, grace and firmness, wisdom and understanding, knowledge and self-control, quickness and patience.

You are full of goodness, grace and glory. But more importantly your ARE Love, Light, Life and Truth. You ARE the Way. You can never NOT be these items; they are more than qualities, they are your very essence.

This gives us great security, great stability, great rest, for you will never waver, vary or change in your being. You will always love us, you will always do what is true, you will always give us light, you will always be our way.

So, today, as we walk into the darkness of the next moment, you have already been there, preparing things, giving us wisdom, insight and grace so we can move through whatever you send and allow. Some things may be very challenging; others may be pleasant, but all comes by your good hand and we can thank and praise you for it.

Today may I walk in the light of your presence, in the power of your goodness, in the glow of your love and in the understanding of your truth. May you, thereby, be honored and glorified in every moment today.