Delivered by Jesus

Delivered by Jesus

Psalm 143:12 In your unfailing love silence my enemies, destroy all my foes, for I

am your servant. Because David belonged to Him, God answered, delivering him from king Saul.

And because we belong to you, Lord Jesus, you have answered and delivered us, destroying the devil and freeing us from the fear of death, for perfect love banishes fear. And now we are the children of God, the chosen and holy ones, dearly loved and deeply cared for.

In you, Lord Jesus, we are accepted, sung over and rejoiced in. You delight in us, care for us and watch over us eternally, entirely, endlessly, unconditionally and whole-heartedly.

In you we can rest, reflect and rejoice; for you we can live; with you we can work; by you we are protected, strengthened, guided and cared for.

What more could we ask for? Whom do we have in heaven but you and earth has nothing I desire besides you. May you be honored, lifted up and glorified in my life today. Amen.