Joy unrelated to circumstances

Joy unrelated to circumstances

Today’s devotional is especially appropriate for me as I’ve spent the last two days with Barbara,  first in the emergency room and then in the hospital. She really went downhill on Friday, so I decided to take her to the ER in hopes that we could get a neurologist to prescribe her the appropriate medicine for her Parkinson’s. They decided to keep her in the hospital and this morning the neurologist came and agree with my request. So now she is on those meds and I hope we will see some improvement soon. Thank you for your prayers,


Psalm 33:21 “In him our hearts rejoice, ”

[You alone are the source of our joy, Lord Jesus. All that is good comes from you, from your gracious heart and grace-filled hands. To know you, to live with you, to be your child, to serve in your power–this is far more than enough for rejoicing, no matter what our circumstances may be.]

“for we trust in his holy name.”

[Yes, our joy flows because you make it possible for us to trust in you Lord Jesus, whose name means “Savior.” You have opened the way so we can know your Name in all its power and purity, its love and light, its faithfulness and forgiveness. You are worthy of trust and submission and obedience. No matter how things look to us; we can trust and praise you in every circumstance.

And along with praise, I ask, Lord, that you would bring healing to Barbara so she can come home on Monday,

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