Power When Needed

Power When Needed

Psalm 33:20 “We wait in hope for the LORD;”

[Instead of trying to save ourselves in our feeble strength, it is much wiser to pray and wait for you to act, Lord, and then join you in it.

Sometimes we wait for a long time, but you are faithful and will act at the right time, just as you did with Joseph. You kept him in prison until he had learned all that was necessary. Then at the right moment you brought him out, ready for the great work for which you had prepared him.

In you there is hope, a certainty of provision at the right time, the hope of love moved by wisdom and power to bring about what is best.]

“he is our help and our shield.”

[Your mighty, majestic power moves in love to support us in our weakness. You consistently pour out grace, wisdom, insight, peace, joy and rest upon us. Out of your superb strength you move to shield us from the attacks of the enemy, from all that would harm us spiritually.  You hold your hand of power over us to ward off the evil one and evil men. Only you are our true help and shield.]

You are the God who is beyond our dreams, beyond our hopes, beyond our understanding. You are Great and Powerful, Glorious and Perfect, Gracious and Pure. You are the fulfillment of every longing of our hearts and far more. Glory and honor certainly belong to you alone! May they flow from my life to you today.]

May be an image of cloud and twilight