Psalm 33:22

Psalm 33:22

Update on Barbara. The doctors are doing their job and have found that, in addition to Parkinson’s, her thyroid is not doing well and she has a urinary infection and very low body temperature. In the words of the nurse, “She is very sick!”

They have moved her to an area that  is one step below ICU to give her closer attention. Today’s devotional is very applicable for me,  Trusting in God, resting in His goodness.

Psalm 33:22 May your unfailing love rest upon us, O LORD,”

[Praise you that your love never fails, that your consistency never fades, that you character never changes. Praise you for your promise that your love will rest upon us now, today, in every moment of need, and on into forever!]

“even as we put our hope in you.”

[Again you remind us that this is a partnership: you provide all, you wait for our participation, our choosing to hope in you. May our daily decision be to hope in you and may that hope ever be evidenced by persistent praise in our hearts, minds, souls and mouths.

To you be glory forever and ever, Lord Jesus, King of Glory, Lord of lords, Shepherd of power and God of love. I bow before you now in awe and respect, I rise up in submission and obedience to your, your Word, your Spirit, your Truth. Glorify yourself in my life today.

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