part 2

part 2

Walter Mitty Christian, Spiritual Warfare Part 2.

After quenching the flaming arrow of self-pity with his shield of faith, no other attacks came, so Walter went back to his coding.

And the rest of the morning went well, but later in the afternoon, there came another sneak attack. Things weren’t progressing as fast as he’d planned, with some unforeseen glitches arising that he’d have to solve.

He was somewhat unhappy with himself for not anticipating these problems and as a result, his breastplate was hanging awry and he didn’t get his shield up in time, so a flaming arrow of worry was able to strike him in his chest. He immediately felt the poison of anxiety begin to seep into his heart.

He reached up and pulled out the arrow with the glove of confession and threw it down. “Lord, forgive me for not trusting you; you promise to lead me through whatever comes, even if it’s the valley of the shadow of death–so I can trust you to help me work out these issues. As it says in Psalm 86:7, ‘I will call upon you in the day of my trouble, for you will answer me.’ I praise you now for how you will guide in overcoming these obstacles in my work.”

Stamping out the still smoldering arrow with his shoes of peace, Walter put some truth-salve from Psalm 62:5 on his wound “My soul, find rest in God alone, for my hope comes from Him. He only is my rock, my salvation and my high tower. I will never be shaken.” That quickly lessened the pain and he was able to think clearly again and get back to his work.

To be continued.

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