Part 3

Part 3

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Christian, Part 3

A continuation of how one man keeps on and uses the armor of Ephesians 6:10-18


On the way home from work Walter sat quietly on the train looking out the window, polishing his sword by meditating on the passage he’d been memorizing. A billboard swept into view, featuring a semi-clad girl. Although Walter quickly looked away, he’d already been hit with a dart of lust and was taken down.


He immediately sprang up and pulled the dart out with confession: “Look at what I just thought, Lord. I agree with you that it is totally selfish, destructive, and caustic to my soul. It is pleasing to Satan and grievous to you. I repent and ask your forgiveness, especially for grieving you, you who love me so much.”


Then he went on the offensive and in the powerful name of Jesus withdrew any ground he’d given to the enemy in this attack, asking God to fill him again with the Spirit.


Just in case any more such attacks came on the way home, he kept his shield of faith up by thanking God for all that had happened during the day–and he decided not to stare out the window any more.


When he came in the door at home, the kids were arguing and his exasperated wife welcomed him with, “Well, I’m glad you’re finally home. See if you can do something with these three fighters!”


Walter skillfully got his shield up as the dart of anger flew at him, followed by one of self-justification. “I was hoping for a better reception and some peaceful interaction, Lord–but I thank you for the chance to fulfill the role you have for me in serving and protecting my wife, and of helping my 3 boys learn to follow you!” Both darts hit the shield and were extinguished.


But then the dragon of selfishness took a swipe at him and almost knocked the shield out of Walter’s hand. He quickly came around with his sword, “I praise you, Lord, that I can keep my eyes on you; I confess my desire to do my own thing here and have some ‘well deserved relaxation’ before supper, but as your disciple I’m called to deny myself, take up my cross and follow you. I thank you for the chance to obey you in this moment.” This sent the dragon squealing in retreat.


Walter strode to the kids and scooped two of them up in his arms. “Hi Dad,” they shouted. “Can we go to the park for a while before supper?”


“Sure!” Walter replied. “Get you shoes and coats on.”


The three little bodies scurried to the hall while Walter went to the kitchen and gave his wife a hug. “Hard day, huh?”


“Sure was! I wish I had a quiet and easy life like yours!”


Walter smiled as he deftly raised up his shield with his left hand to quench the flaming arrow of competitiveness, wanting to tell her how hard his day had been. Resting his right hand on his sword, he thought, “If you only knew!” He kissed his wife gently and turned to take the kids to the park.


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May be an image of 3 people, baby and cloud







May be an image of 3 people, baby and cloud